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Interior, specially designed for your comfortable accommodation.

Enjoy our hospitality.

Additional pillow

Additional pillow

3 types of pillows available in front of the front desk on first-come-first-served basis. Each room has a regular feather pillow, but in addition, There are 3 types of pillows available on reception with different height,shape memory,hardness in front of the front desk.
Please take into consideration that depending on the arrival time, all pillows may have been rented.



Various amenities are available for our guest:

  • Room amenities (Toothbrush, Shaving razor, Hair brush, Bath towel, Face towel, Hand towel, Body wash towel, Night wear, Slippers)
  • Free drinks (Coffee, Green tea, Roasted green tea, Mineral water)
  • Amenities to choose on reception (Cotton swab, Shower cap, Cotton tissue, Hair band, Mouthwash, Bath additives, Makeup Remover, Facial wash, Lotion, Moisture Milk, Facial mask, Makeup gel for men, Cleansing foam for men, Hair liquid wax for men)
  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap, Hand soap

General information

Number of rooms 92 rooms
Check in 15:00-24:00
Check out till 11:00
Reception on 4th floor (Open hours: 7:00-24:00)
Entrance Hotel doors are locked at night from 24:30 till 6:30 for security reasons. Our guests, can unlock doors, by tapping their room-keycard on the reader
Parking lot

For hotel guests, there is a parking lot for 6 regular cars
Sizes of parking spots: 5 m x 1; 4.85 m x 2; 4.5 m x 3
1 night parking lot fee: JPY2,200 x 1 parking spot

Parking time:

From check in time (after 15:00) till next morning check out time
The hotel parking lot is reserved on a first-come-first-served basis, and if it is full, we will guide you to a nearby parking (coin parking)

Acceptable bank cards VISA/Master/JCB/AMEX/Diners/Discover/JCB PREMO
Also: Quick pay/UnionPay/nanaco/WAON/Transportation IC
TEL/FAX Tel.03-3827-4881 Fax.03-3827-4884
For smokers Our hotel is non-smoking throughout. Though there are smoking areas on the 1st and 4th floors (both outdoors).

Accommodation tax

When you stay at our Tokyo City View Hotel, you will be charged an accommodation tax

About tax Regulations and rules concerning accommodation tax in Tokyo were promulgated on April 10, 2002.
So-called "Tokyo Metropolitan Accommodation Tax Ordinance" came into effect on October 1, 2002.
Accommodation tax
  • less than JPY10,000 → not taxed
  • more than JPY10,000 and less than JPY15,000 → JPY100
  • more than JPY15,000 → JPY200

* The rate of accommodation tax is the accommodation fee for one night per person.

The "accommodation fee" doesn't include meals

Accommodation fee includes:

  • Staying fee without meals
  • Related services

Accommodation fee excludes:

  • Consumption tax
  • Fee for services not related to staying

e.g.: Meeting room, Banquet hall, VOD, Coin laundry, Telephone fee, Parking lot etc.

For more details please visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Taxation Bureau website


4th floor


Start your day with a delicious and nutritious breakfast!
Open hours: 7:00 - 9:30 (Last admission 9:00)
Fee:  JPY1,300(tax included)/ per person
※Advance reservation is required.
Please make a reservation at the front desk before the day of use.
※ The breakfast will be serve as Japanese set meal style.
※ Menu will be changed in some situation.
※ About breakfast fee for bed-sharing children
 1300 yen will be charged for co-sleeping children using breakfast.
 We will provide the same menu as adults.
※ Please note that if you cancel your booking , no refund will be given.




Start your day with breakfast while looking at Shinkansen passing by, sitting in a bright, cozy restaurant.


Japanese-style breakfast


Japanese-style breakfast


Japanese-style breakfast


Japanese-style breakfast


Public bath


1st floor

Artificial radium hot springs

Made specially for hotel guest use, free of charge.
■ We offer a gender-segregated artificial radium hot springs.
■ Please make a reservation in advance if you wish to use it.
 Reservations can be made by phone or message.
■ A group of up to 2 people can be used.
■ The time limit is 20 minutes for each group.
■ Usage time zone 18: 30-24: 00

Artificial radium hot springs

1st floor`s public bath (separated bathes for ladies and for gentlemen)
In exchange of your room keycard front desk staff will give you bath keycard

Exercise Area

Exercise Area

Outdoor free fitness space, you can enjoy the same exercise equipment as you in the gym.
In addition, there is a recommended jogging course specially made by the hotel for fitness and in-depth sightseeing in the area.

Other facilities and services

Copy and Fax service

Copy and Fax service

Copying / fax service (pay and consumption tax included)
We accept orders for copying and faxing at the front desk


  • B5 x 1 page - JPY20
  • B4 x 1 page - JPY40
  • A4 x 1 page - JPY30
  • A3 x 1 page - JPY50

Color copying:

  • B5 x 1 page - JPY40
  • B4 x 1 page - JPY80
  • A4 x 1 page - JPY60
  • A3 x 1 page - JPY100



  • B5 x 1 page - JPY20
  • B4 x 1 page - JPY40
  • A4 x 1 page - JPY30
  • A3 x 1 page - JPY50

Outside of Tokyo, in Japan

We recommend the use of a convenience store in the neighborhood, but if you need it urgently, please consult with front desk staff

Outside of Japan

Service is not provided


Shipping from a hotel:
If you want to send luggage from the hotel, we will accept it at the front desk
Feel free to ask front desk staff for this service
Sending luggage to the hotel:
Please inform us about delivery, and make sure to include your name (Katakana) and the date of your stay in the delivery note.
After checking the reservation information and the note, we will keep it until the day of check-in.
However we can't accept deliveries, which contain, cash, medicines, letters, fragile items, dangerous items, items requiring temperature / humidity management, and cash on delivery packages

* Our storage space is limited, so we may not be able to accept your package

* If the name of the reservation is not stated on the delivery note, or if the reservation information cannot be verified, your package may not be accepted

If you have any questions, please contact us

Vending machine

Vending machine

You can buy here soft drinks, beer, and alcoholic cocktails
Buy some drinks without leaving hotel, all drinks have normal retail price.
All rooms are equipped with refrigerator.

1st floor: Soft drinks and alcohol
4th floor: Soft drinks

Open around-o-clock

Coin laundry (1st floor)

Coin laundry (1st floor)

There are two washing and two drying machines in the self-service laundry zone.
Feel free to use it when you need it.

Open around-o-clock
Washing powder can be bought at front desk

Laundry rules
  • Coin laundry can be used only by hotel guests
  • Washing machines and dryers accept only JPY100 coins, if you want to change your money please ask front desk staff
  • Guests themselves are responsible for managing the laundry
  • Don't forget you clothes inside washing or drying machines
  • Hotel bears no responsibility in case your clothes were damaged, lost, or stolen

Ice maker (4th floor)

Ice maker (4th floor)

You can find an ice maker on the 4th floor
Please use the cups which you can find next to the ice maker. Free for hotel guests.

Location: 4th floor's restaurant
Open hours: 15:00 - 24:00

Automated Payment Machine (Check in, Check out)

Automated Payment Machine (Check in, Check out)

The process of payment for check in and hotel services is automated.
Acceptable bank cards: VISA/Master/JCB/AMEX/Diners/Discover/JCB PREMO
Also: Quick pay/UnionPay/nanaco/WAON/Transportation IC/QRcode(PayPay、LINEPay、auPAY、Jcoin、Rakuten Pay、Japan Post Pay、D-payment、Alipay、WeChat Pay、mPay、Ginko Pay (GMO)、K+、atone、pring、FamiPay、EPOSPAY、ANAPay、Paydon、Lala Pay、LuVitPay)

Make reservation /
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